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Get Tested. Be Sure. Be Negative.

Stigma Health is the Australian online sexual health clinic. 

There are no excuses or barriers left.

Your pathology referral will only cost you $21.99 and your results will be delivered safely and securely online.

At Stigma Health we want you to make STI testing a regular part of your healthcare so we’ve made the process simple, cost effective, convenient and shame-free. There is no need to have the awkward face to face with a doctor, no need to pay for multiple doctors appointments or potentially take time off work.



Think you’re in the clear because you’ve only had one partner? Think again.

Let’s face it, the chances are you’ve slept with at least one person whose sexual history you do not know and they’ve probably slept with one person whose sexual history they didn’t know. That could add up to a whole lot of unknowns.

Ready to get tested?

Step One

Purchase Your Personalised Pathology Test Referral

Step Two

Download the MediRecords App & Print Your Pathology Referral

Step Three

Get Tested At A Pathology Centre Near You

Step Four

Get Your Results Online Discreetly

Step Five

Dealing With The Positives & Negatives

You’re just five easy steps away from peace of mind and a clean bill of sexual health.

Get Tested Now