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If you are sexually active you should be getting these checks every time you change partner or at least three times a year, regardless of your relationship status. It’s rare, but these infections can be spread in other ways.

At Stigma Health we want you to make STI testing a regular part of your healthcare so we’ve made the process simple, cost effective, convenient and shame-free. There’s no need to have the awkward face to face with your GP, no need for a doctor to ask "Why?" (Because sex is fantastic derr!). No need for multiple appointments and potentially time off work or to try to find a specialist testing facility and sweat the possible reactions of staff. There're no excuses left.

Step One – Purchase Your Personalised Pathology Test Referral for $19.99: 

Your Stigma Health pathology referral will ensure you are tested for the STIs our doctors determine you should be. If you want to know more about what you might be tested for and how head to our What We Test For section for more information, but we promise it’s non-invasive.

If you want to know whether you can and should be tested, including the ‘window periods’ for different STIs (yes there is such a thing) head over to Who Can & Should Get Tested. To find out what happens next just keep reading or if you’re already convinced that you can and should get tested and want you to do it without any of the hassles then jump straight through and get tested now.

Step Two – follow the sms instructions  

Shortly after requesting your Pathology Referral you will receive a discreet SMS informing you what to do next! 

The SMS includes a link for the medi-records app and your own personal login token. Note this will be issued once our medical team has admitted you as a patient.

Step Three – Get tested at a pathology centre near you:

Your referral from Stigma Health should allow you to undergo the test without any further charge at the Pathology Centre of your choice, however, some work differently to others so we recommend that you:


Step Four – Get your results discreetly within 3-5 business days  

You’ve been tested and it has come back Normal meaning you tested negative for the STIs we tested you for, Congratulations! There is no Step Four for you; you have a clean bill of sexual health. However, we hope you’ll come back again and get tested next time you change partners or in a few months just to be safe.

If your test comes back Abnormal meaning you’ve tested positive for one of the STIs we’ve tested you for KEEP CALM but DO NOT CARRY ON having sex! Got that?

Here’s what will happen next: The information provided by Stigma Health with your diagnosis will also tell you all you need to know about treatment. You can then take this letter to your GP and seek treatment or a prescription to your local pharmacy.

IMPORTANT: if you believe you may have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis B in the last 72 hours, do not proceed. You should seek medical attention ASAP and do not engage in any sexual activity prior to doing so. Visit a doctor, hospital or specialised clinic where you will be able to receive the necessary preventative post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

N.B - we, like all medical practisesare required by law to report some STIs to the Federal and State Government Health Departments. Don’t panic, it’s all about stats, nothing about you. The information provided to them will never be used to identify individuals with STIs to the public in any way.

Don’t Be Alarmed: No matter who you are or how you answer our questions you will be tested for HIV as part of your Stigma Health STI test. This is purely due to the seriousness of HIV and the importance of starting treatment as early as possible in the event of a positive result.

Let’s talk about sex: If you suspect you may have contracted an STI it’s extremely important that you do not engage in any sexual activity, regardless of your relationship status, until you know that you’re safe and not at risk of infecting anyone else.

Be Responsible: We know it’s awkward, but if you’ve tested positive for an STI it’s imperative you tell any past/present partners who may be at risk so they can be tested and treated too. Do the right thing, stop the spread of STIs.

If you’re struggling with how to tell a partner or past partner Let Them Know is a great resource and you can even notify someone via Email/SMS/Letter from their site either with your name or anonymously. Check them out.

READY? Get Tested, Be Sure, Be Negative.


Do you have more questions?

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