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Let's Talk About PrEP...27 April 2017

Stigma Health's Head Doctor and a concerned member of the gay community discuss PrEP and its potential to increase sexual risk-taking behavior in the gay community in Australia.

Dr Tanner's 2 Cents On Four Hot Health Topics25 March 2017

Dr Tanner weighs in on the STI superbug 'MG', the new HEP C treatments, waining immunity to mumps in young adults and whether Dating Apps may responsible for the rising rates of some STIs.

The Barriers To STI Testing7 March 2017

The Barriers To STI Testing And Why We’re Here  Let us start by saying; these barriers are real, if they weren’t the rate of STIs like Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea would not be so high. The numbers speak for themselves, so let’s get into it, why don’t people get STI tests as often as they should or at all?  One…

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